Jessica McClary

My History

Jess McClary

Every quest has a path that lays both in front and in back. While what lies ahead is unclear, here is a list of what has happened already. With that said, please keep in mind that some occurred at the same time.

Upward Brand Marketing
February 2015 to October 2015
Web Developer

  • Provided support for client website updates and content additions in Drupal 7 CMS, Joomla, and custom created CMS.
  • Assisted in development of client websites in Drupal 7 CMS
  • Assisted in content population and management for client websites in Drupal 7 CMS
  • Developed training documents to assist internal training in managing Drupal 7 CMS
  • Dveloped training documents to assist clients in managing and maintaining their website within Drupal 7 CMS.
Antioch College
February 2014 to January 2015

  • Redesign and coordinated content of a weekly internal newsletter with Constant Contact.
  • Developed an online web application generator for the weekly internal newsletter in PHP 5.4 adn MySQL 5.6
  • Managed, coordinated, and updated design and content for College website in Drupal 7 CMS.
  • Monitored and ensured consistency of information throughout the website, and edit content as required.
  • Work with a diverse community of internal clients to update and maintain content to the website.
  • Coordinated with system administrators to insure navigability and maintenance of the server.
  • Redesigned Antiochian Magazine website to ensure latest issue is available on the web.
  • Create and design website for the newly renovated Wellness Center.
  • Assist in social media marketing campaign with Facebook and Twitter accounts.
LEADER Consortium
April 2012 to February 2014
Graphic and Web Designer

  • Responsible for redesign and maintenance of website.
  • Built, created, and manage social media website utilizing Drupal in designing theme, layout, and initial content images and articles.
  • Responsible for creation of print design of flyers, newsletter, brochures, and various print media.
  • Inputting Climate Survey II into Qualtrics system.
  • Administrative duties in planning and implementing 2 successful Keys to Academics' Success events.
Metal Sky
January 2014 to February 2014

Web Designer - Freelance Contract

  • Worked with client to create two possible designs for website.
  • Working with client to develop framework for site to incorporate shopping cart and contact form script.
Diver City
September 2013 to December 2013
Web Designer - Freelance Contract

  • Worked with client to create two possible designs for website.
  • Worked with client on content placement, accessibility, embedded video, and SEO.
  • Created PHP scripting for contact forms to deliver e-mails and comments.
Rocky Mountain Youth on Stage
May 2011 to September 2011

Web Designer - Freelance Contract

  • Working with client to create layout design. 
  • Working with client on content placement.
  • Created Business Card and Brochure for purposes of dissemination of collateral print material.
Diegelman Designs
March 2011 to May 2011

Web Designer - Freelance Contract

  • Worked with client to manipulate a pre-selected template to arrange content for the purposes of business advocating and search optimization. 
  • Instructed client in updating and maintenance practices of the newly created website for frequent adaptation according to standards.
  • On retainer for the purposes of editing and significant updating on the site as required by the client.
AJJE Games
January 2011 to February 2011

Web Designer - Freelance Contract

  • Designed the new look for AJJE Games with the creation of new graphics and images to be used for promotional purposes. 
  • Interfaced created design with pre-existing PHP scripting for implementation and seamless integration of the database interaction with the overall feel and look of the website. 
  • Assisted President of AJJE Games in troubleshooting and interface difficulties while providing guidance on application of both the design and PHP scripting elements.
January 2010 to May 2010
Web Designer - Freelance Contract

  • Redesigned a pre-existing site to update with a fresher look that was more conducive to the owners use and needs. 
  • Arranged content and created necessary graphic images to communicate the purpose of the site to users. 
  • Provided detailed and written instructions for the owner to assist in self-maintenance of the site by the owner. 
  • On retainer for the purposes of editing and significant updating on the site as required by the owner.
Westwood College Online Magazines
January 2010 to May 2010

Creative Director

  • Collaborated with graduating individuals and professors in the creation of 3 to 5 page layouts for Westwood College Online Magazine (Design|ONLINE and Gaming|ONLINE). 
  • Utilized Adobe InDesign CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS4 in the development of 6 specific layouts. 
  • Gaming|ONLINE was displayed in the Game Developer Conference of 2010.
Westwood College Online Portfolio Workshop
February 2010 to March 2010

Creative Director

  • Performed the role of Creative Director for a Portfolio Workshop at Westwood College Online that assisted students graduating in the School of Design outside the Web and Graphic Design programs in developing, publishing, and creating their online portfolios. 
  • Worked with 5 individuals to create a portfolio that expressed their work and professional personality. 
  • Portfolio design work provided a vehicle for a graduating Interior Design Student to move forward in the next step of their college career.
NL Gibson Photography
April 2009 to July 2009

Web Designer - Freelance Contract

  • Created a specific and unique design that incorporated the atmosphere of NL Gibson Photography with the functionality of a flash driven gallery. 
  • Implemented and maintained design and content as per the specifications of the owner. 
  • Utilized Flash ActionScripting to build and implement a portfolio gallery.
June 2007 to June 2007

Graphic Designer - Freelance Contract

  • Created logo for web usage, businesses cards, and page headers for documents for several organizations and private clients. 
  • Covered a wide range of formats and structures as applicable for the desired media output.
AJJE Games
July 2005 to January 2009
Web Master

  • Managed web server space for the purpose of individual member sections within a club format. 
  • Monitored uploading, maintenance, adjustment, and creation of images used by members. 
  • Handled HTML/CSS creation and troubleshooting for members with specific section responsibilities.
  • Managed a wide variety of services, individuals, and organizational projects.
  • Managed and mentored between 5 to 15 members at a time.
  • Co-founder of organization.